WAROM Lampu Pendant Explosion Proof

◆ Explosion Protection to


◆ Can be used in

Zone 2,22

Class I, Zone 2

Division 2,Groups A, B, C, D

◆Applicable lamp and power (max.300W).

LED: 40W, 60W, 80W, 120W, 160W, 200W, 240W, 300W

◆ International brand white light LED, reasonable arrangement of multi LED, high lighting efficiency and long service life.

◆ Two types of light distribution: spotlight and floodlight, which can be selected on request

◆ Standard luminaries equip without lens, 30° lens and 60° lens which are optional, please indicate when placing an order

◆ Standard luminaries do not equip with external lampshade, if need,please specify.

◆ Low-maintenance due to long service life is up to 100,000 operating hours.

Global (IECEx) IECEx EUT 18.0002X
Gas and dust Ex nR IIC T□1) Gc

Ex tc IIIC T□1) Dc IP66

Europe (ATEX) EPTI 18 ATEX 0346 X
Gas and dust 20190603152349458.jpg@!w1200II 3 G Ex nR IIC T□1) Gc
spacer.gif20190603152349458.jpg@!w1200II 3 D Ex tc IIIC T□1) Dc IP66
Certificates IECEx; ATEX; CU-TR
Conformity to standards EN; IEC
Degree of protection IP66
Ambient temperature -40℃~+55℃