WAROM HRY52 Series Light Fittings

◆ Explosion Protection to


◆ Can be used in

Zone 1,2,21,22

◆ Available lamp and power

T8 Fluorescent Lamps:18W×1,36W×1,18W×2,36W×2

LED lamps:9W×1,18W×1,9W×2,18W×2

◆ T8 Fluorescent Lamps:Built-in electromagnetic ballast(Electronic ballast is optional,please specify when ordering)

◆ LED lamps:Built-in LED driver,wide voltage input,CC-CV(constant current-constant voltage) output,power factor ≥0.95.

◆ Enclosure in Copper-free Aluminium Alloy,powder coated surface,yellow(RAL1021)

PCEC (China) PCEC(China)
Gas and dust 20190603152349458.jpg@!w1200 II 2 G Ex d IIC T6 Gb
spacer.gifEx tD A21 IP66 T80℃
Certificates PCEC(China)
Conformity to standards IEC
Degree of protection IP66
Ambient temperature -20℃~+55℃