HELON Installation Accessories of Pipe Fitting

Stopping Plug (Plastic)
Ex Marking Ex e IIC Gb
IP66 Grade Protection

Carbon steel, stainless steel or nicker plated brass material.
G1/2~G4, M16-M110 Available.
Customizeable Request

Sealing between entry and exclosure
Waterproof and dustproof item
PTFE Material
G1/2~G4, M16-M110 Available.

Earth Tag
Earth lug used to provide earth bond connection between the cable gland and the equipment

AB Type Seal Packing Cement
Double characteristics of watertightness and endurance
Non-corrosive, easy operatioin, convenient construction
Mix two kind of cement A and B to cure
Used for isolation, sealling, fire prevention and smoke prevention of steel pipes,
cable, and wire wiring projects.

And more accesories explosion proof item