• LED Flood Light GLD8590

    1. Using aluminum base, die-casting aluminum housing and whole light heat dissipation design
    2. Using G hasp to avoid glass from falling and be easy for installation.
    3. Top  brand  LED chip with  high CRI, small light failure,
    4. Low energy consumption, long lifetime, good lumen maintenance and light effect.
    5. SMT technology: surface mounting technology keeps low working  temperature of LED chips.
    6. Wide input voltage and constant current output have the function of short  circuit and over-voltage protection.
    7. Good EMC :Excellent electromagnetic compatibility and anti-inference.
    8. Dual chamber structure with independent space ensures good heat dissipation and stable work of components
    9. Professional seal structure to guarantee waterproof and dust proof in hazard environment.
    10. Various adjustable lighting bangle.
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  • Shoebox Lamp GLD8550B

    The LED Weather-Proof lights adopt high efficiency LED chips, comparing to traditional light sources, LED lighting can deliver longer life, enhanced energy efficiency, greater eco-friendliness, lowered maintenance demands and equal or better quality of light.

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