• Explosion Proof Light BLD 530 LED

    • High strength aluminum enclosure with anodic coating.
    • Each LED module is Exd protection.
    • PC lens with special coating, anti-UV, anti-aging and anti-scratch.
    • Well-designed three-chamber independent structure to ensure the electronic components stable working.
    • Good EMC: excellent electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference.
    • Wide voltage range: AC220V type can operate within 90-260V range.
    • Emergency type available, battery built-in.
    • PC lens can be transparent or diffused.
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  • Explosion Proof Light BYD 87 LED


    • Lamp body is made of SMC molding with high strength,impact resistance and corrosion resistance;
    • Lamp body is a sealed structure with good weather-proof performance.
    • PC Cover has high transmittance,it’s anti UV,impact resistant, strong corrosion proof performance;
    • Built-in explosion proof ballast have short circuit and open circuit protection, Prevention circuit to solve the aging effect and leakage phenomenon of the tube.
    • Explosion proof isolating switch, the power supply is automatically cut off when the product is opened.
    • Wiring with steel tube or cable(pls specify when need steel tube)
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  • Exposion Proof Light BLD180 LED


    1. Energy-efficient: compared with conventional lighting, LED consumes up to 85% less energy.
    2. Long life: last to 60,000h rated life or more,  50 times of incandescent bulbs, 8 times of fluorescent lamps.
    3. Wide voltage range: AC220V type can operate within 100-277V range.
    4. Good EMC: excellent electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference.
    5. SMT technology: surface mounting technology keeps low working temperature of LED chip.
    6. Dual-chamber structure: independent chambers for light source, driver and wiring ensure longer driver life.
    7. Standard material: copper-free Aluminum housing, surface with anodic coating, impact-resistant PC cover and stainless steel external hardware.
    8. The transparent PC cover contains light diffusion agent, it’s anti-UV, impact-resistant,  and for ambient temperatures of -40°C to +55°C.
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  • Lampu Explosion Proof HL1 LED

    1. Adopt high efficiencyNichia LED, whole light efficiency exceeds 130 lumen/watt;
    2. Famous brand driver, high reliability, efficiency> 95%;
    3. Energy-efficient technology – up to 77% energy savings over HID fixtures;
    4. Wide power range, from 35W to 75W;
    5. Integrated emergency function, 90 minutes in emergency mode.
    6. Elegant design with robust structure;
    7. Independent chambers for light source, junction box, easy to install;
    8. Compact size, light weight, weight is 25% less than traditional heat sink, and volume is 20% less.
    9. Simple to wiring and do maintenance;
    10. Versatile mounting options, easy installation.
    11. Professional light distribution design, uniform and comfortable lighting.
    12. Factory sealed, external sealing is not required.
    13. Five year warranty.
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